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Dissing Information

Posted by: by John Parsons on April 20th, 2012

As I explore ways we might make data more relevant and user-friendly, it’s disquieting to see how even well-designed and presented information can be used for unsavory purposes. In The (Dis)information Age: The Persistence of Ignorance, Penn State professor Shaheed Nick Mohammed challenges implied goodness of information technology. He points out that it’s simply a [...]

Trust Your Feelings

Posted by: by John Parsons on April 10th, 2012

Despite the usual distractions, I was recently able to finish David Brooks’ book, The Social Animal. It’s a look at what goes on “one level down” from conscious reasoning—in the realm of intuitions, biases, and feelings. I was particularly taken with the analogy that our conscious thoughts are like a general—giving orders and believing he’s [...]

Some Thoughts on Privacy

Posted by: by John Parsons on April 3rd, 2012

My old Agfa pal, marketing guru Rick Littrell, just alerted me to a recent FTC ruling recommending that privacy protection regulations be applied to “data brokers”—a rather loose term for list managers, brokers, aggregators and other sellers of data. The article he referenced in raises some interesting points in the ongoing behavioral targeting debate. [...]

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