Nimbleware Consulting announced the release of a new topic-based information app for the Apple iPad. Dubbed nūzmūz (www.nuzmuz.com), the app is an RSS feed reader that moves away from the source-based approach used by news and content aggregators. Instead, it focuses on user-defined topics, such as current events, career goals, or entertainment. The free app is available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

As a result, the app delivers results that much more emulates the way people want to receive information: according to their individual interests. Nūzmūz gathers relevant items from multiple sources—not limited to the editorial bias of an individual RSS feed source. To make it easier for users, a large selection of common Topics has been re-defined within the app. New Topics can be easily created to follow a current news story in more detail.

Each Topic is displayed in a customizable feed view or newspaper view for easy scanning by the user. Individual items may be shared via email or social networking.

The app allows users to create and customize Topics based on their individual interests.

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