Our clients run the gamut from innovative two-man shops to tech-industry leaders. But we follow the same rigorous methodology with all clients to ensure that our mobile solutions meet business goals—and exceed expectations. See what our clients have to say about partnering with Nimbleware.

“Mark Hilton led the product management activities for the launch of the Adobe Creative Suite. He managed a complex team of product managers that pulled together multiple products to create this industry-leading Suite. Mark is a strategic product guy who works closely with Development teams to deliver great products.”

Jim Heeger, SVP, Creative Pro BU, Adobe Systems

“Peter was a trusted member of my management team and a sounding board for new ideas, business models, and troubleshooting. He is unique in his ability to bring a start-up mindset while accomplishing impressive feats of engineering.”

James Alexander, CEO, Vizibility Inc.

“Jill worked for me on several projects at Microsoft and I proudly recommend her as a solution provider for your business. She is a very dedicated individual, thorough in her analysis, and she delivers high-quality results on time. Jill excels at working across many departments of various teams and speaking to each of them in their terms. Her all-encompassing ability and thoroughness will lead to a solid solution for your business.”

Peter Bracchi, Program Manager, Microsoft

“James Hobbs’ attention to detail is impeccable. His user interface designs are not only visually stunning but also extremely user-centric.”

Mark Hearne, Creative Director, Maker Design Ltd.

“As a leader, (Mark Hilton) he is tenaciously customer-focused, driving teams to produce miraculous results. He is able to manage very diverse personalities, recognize and capitalize on strengths, and focus teams on common goals. He is a creative thinker and will courageously take unconventional measures to achieve success.”

Jo Ann (Sanders) Buckner, Senior Product Manager, Business Team & Product Teams, Adobe Systems

“I found Peter easy to work with. He strikes a nice, natural Engineer Manager/Program Manager work balance. There’s a bit of an art to that and it speaks of style maturity. Peter doesn’t create unnecessary stress to propel the team towards performance, he handles performance on a one-on-one basis–also a hallmark of management maturity.”

Lauren Brown, Portfolio Manager SaaS Platform, Adobe Systems

“I have worked with Jill for over a year on a number of marketing projects, and her knowledge and insight on marketing is exceptional. She has also assisted greatly in optimizing business and best practices for areas related but not always thought of as Sales and Marketing. I am pleased to recommend her to anyone that has the need to build and improve their marketing presence in this ever-changing marketplace.”

Bill Covington, COO, IO Integration

“James Hobbs has single-handly turned our company into one of the leaders of the local industry and created an online presence that stands head and shoulders above the competition.”

Joshua Smith, CEO, Mode Construction

“Mark Hilton is a strategic thinker who advocates for the business unit and each team member. It is refreshing to work with an executive who understands both strategic vision and tactical implementation – all with a focus on reaching business, team and personal success.”

Amie Hoffner, Senior PR Manager, Digital Media, Corel Corporation

“Peter led the engineering team for a brand-new online service embedded in the Adobe Creative Suite. Through every phase of product development, from conception, design, testing, servicing, implementation, and support, Peter was a vital part of what we were building. He always has the customer in mind, and is willing to listen directly to customers and partners in order to reach a solution that works.”

Karen Melchior, Marketing and Product Management Executive at Melchior, Fisher & Associates

“At VeriSign, we hired Jill for a several-month project involving a complicated go-to-market effort for a major product launch. At the time we had a staffing shortage, so Jill essentially had to plug in to the organization and play the same role a full time employee would have. Jill did a great job and was well organized and diligent. She meshed well with the team. I would hire Jill again for similar projects.”

Tim Callan, Vice President of Marketing, VeriSign

“Mark Hilton has an excellent grasp of the technical details which was required when we visited customers and tried to match their needs with our capabilities.”

Michael O’Connor, Member of Technical Staff, Kubota Graphics

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