Product Management

Our product managers are world-class. They’re also utterly flexible, able to advise you as consultants or join your day-to-day operations as contractors. Consultants can take on short or long-term projects providing customer and market research, product strategy, competitive analysis, market analysis, and written market requirements documents (MRDs). Contractors can act as interim employees during times of transition, or they can fill in when you don’t have full-time headcount but do have a full workload.

Product Strategy

Once you know the market inside and out, you need to paint a picture for your board of directors, your executive team, your own team, and/or the company as a whole. We can help you show them where you’re going—and how you’re going to get there—with our product strategy services, which include:

  • Vision and strategic product planning
  • Three- to five-year product roadmap
  • Competition and Gap analysis
  • Revenue forecasting and pricing
  • Buy, Build, or Partner analysis
  • Fit with organizational objectives and core competencies
  • Making the business case / selling the idea up and across the organization

Product Planning and Definition

What exactly are you taking to market? What problem does it solve, and for whom? Why will customers prefer it to any other product out there? When will it ship and how much will it cost? We can help you answer these questions with our product planning services, which include:

  • Customer problem/solution definitions
  • User personas and use scenarios
  • Release themes and the key value proposition
  • Product and requirements roadmap
  • Product and release requirements
  • User interface design and Prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept and Usability analysis
  • Product pricing and positioning
  • Release milestones

Operational Planning

To build the highest quality product possible, you need to get many things right. You need the right people doing the right jobs, and you need to know how to get the most out of your Product Engineering and Quality Engineering teams. We can help you plan your operations with the following services:

  • Product portfolio and lifecycle analysis
  • Analysis of current processes
  • Best practices recommendations
  • Organizational design
  • Working with engineering teams
  • Negotiating feature decisions
  • Feature vs. schedule tradeoff
  • Experts/process improvements

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