Strategic Management

Need an objective view of where you are so you can better determine where you’re headed? We can provide in-depth and incisive assessments of your business strategy, business model, product strategy, management team, and ability to execute. We can also deliver a custom operations plan and the right execution team to help you with the following key tasks and milestones:

Business and Market Analysis

The crucial first step in the product management process? Assessing the market. To ensure success, you need to measure the opportunity, identify technology trends, understand customers and their needs, know what the competition is doing, understand your ability to serve the markets and customers, and identify the best routes for getting to market. We can help with the following components of your market analysis:

  • Market landscape research
  • Market trends, problems, and requirements
  • Technology assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market sizing
  • Product performance
  • Operational metrics
  • Channels of distribution
  • Win/loss analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Do you have too many products? Are some of them declining in revenue? When do you end-of-life a product, and how? How do you determine the optimal mix of current products and future product investments? We can help you effectively analyze your portfolio with:

  • Product portfolio analysis
  • Product optimization
  • Resource vs. feature tradeoffs
  • Profit/loss analysis
  • Organizational fit
  • End-of-life process

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