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The Medium and the Message

Posted by: by John Parsons on August 24th, 2012

McLuhan’s famous line (misquoted here) was brought to mind recently by the struggles of someone close to me. Let’s call him Frank. An otherwise insightful and witty writer, Frank is a somewhat erratic speller. However, to the already whimsical spelling rules of the English language has been added the benefit/curse of computerized spellcheck. Many of [...]

Who’s On First? (The Problem With English)

Posted by: by John Parsons on August 12th, 2012

For better or for worse, English is the language of business, information technology, entertainment, philosophy, and public discourse in much of the world. Other languages have held similar preeminence (Greek, Latin, Chinese, French, and Arabic, for example.) Some are still regionally or culturally very strong. However, the fact is that if your information requirements are [...]

Print as a “Nimble” Medium

Posted by: by John Parsons on July 14th, 2012

In this blog, I’ve spent a great deal of time talking about our over-consumption of data, and how difficult it is to convey relevant information in the swirling digital chaos in which we live. For the record, I still hold that a better method of “tuning” information to our individual needs will make things better [...]

Some Thoughts on Content Tools

Posted by: by John Parsons on May 11th, 2012

There’s an age-old saying: “To someone who has a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Too often, the tools we are accustomed to using distort our perceptions and limit our ability to adapt to new situations. I was vividly reminded of this at a recent reviewers’ session for Adobe’s latest incarnation of Creative Suite—number 6, [...]

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